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    Managing workplace surface contaminants is a large part of the battle against SARS-CoV-2. We can help you determine if your high-touch point surfaces are being effectively cleaned. Routine monitoring of your cleaning and disinfection processes can provide valuable consumer confidence in your business. Talk to us today about how you can quickly and easily test your surfaces for the presence or absence of the actual coronavirus.

    Safe Work Australia

    There is already a lot of FREE information about making your business COVID safe. Links to Safe Work Australia here.

  • Re-opening a COVID-safe Australia and economy

    Proof of Widespread Surface and Aerosol Contamination

    29th July 2020

    Look what happened when we visited a local shopping centre...

    Find out some of the latest information linking surface testing to the detection of presymptomatic and asymptomatic people. This is called sentinel environmental screening.

    How should your staff handle customers...what should you encourage for safety?

    Let's review what the Government suggests...

    Refer to your local state government for the latest responses to the coronavirus pandemic

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